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Panic by Lauren Oliver

Title: Panic
Author: Lauren Oliver
Pages: 408

Released: March, 2014

Where to Buy: Bookdepository | Amazon


Panic began as so many things do in Carp, a dead-end town of 12,000 people in the middle of nowhere: because it was summer, and there was nothing else to do.

Heather never thought she would compete in Panic, a legendary game played by graduating seniors, where the stakes are high and the payoff is even higher. She’d never thought of herself as fearless, the kind of person who would fight to stand out. But when she finds something, and someone, to fight for, she will discover that she is braver than she ever thought.

Dodge has never been afraid of Panic. His secret will fuel him, and get him all the way through the game, he’s sure of it. But what he doesn't know is that he’s not the only one with a secret. Everyone has something to play for.

There's a Goodreads group with people from an online community and we decided we could start a book club and read one book every month. This month Panic was the book of choice and actually I was quite happy with it. That was because I planned on reading this book since the release in March.


The book follows two post-graduates, Heather Nill and Dodge Mason, they have been in the same year during their school careers, but they barely know each other. Heather did not plan on competing in the game called Panic, but in a moment of impulse she makes the jump and she's in. Dodge, however, already planned on competing two years earlier, because of something that happened during Panic two years ago. Heather's best friend Natalie also participates and Heather and Nat decided to play it together. Heather's other best friend Bishop doesn't compete but he support Heather and Nat during the weird game of Panic.


I read this book in two days, but that was only because I had school and other thing I had to attend, if I didn't have anything to do, I think I would have read this book in one day. Only I had to do these things, so it took me a little longer. 


Did I enjoy this book? Yes, I really enjoyed reading this. The two sides of the four main characters made me hate them in some parts but love them a couple of paragraphs later. Every character has flaws and that made it so realistic, because some sides of people annoy you, but other sides are the things that make you like them. 

While reading the book I predicted a couple of things that would happen later on, only one came true but that was okay. There were a lot of twists and turns in the plot that it was so difficult to predict the ending and that is a good point. 

The story is packed with action and the anticipation of action. The feeling when you know something is going to happen, that it will be dreadful, but you don't know what and when. So it wasn't just a story about heroic deeds, but also about being afraid of something that will happen. 


So yes, you could say I really enjoyed reading this book, but it did not feel like like I was sucked in to the story. It felt like I was a spectator, not a participant. That's why I rated it 4.5 instead of 5.0 stars. But that's still a pretty damn good score.

Source: http://goodreads.com